Smart Fridges to Invade the UK

If our appliances get too smart, can they still be unplugged? People in the UK are about to find out, as smart grid technology will make its way into their kitchens under a new government program that will give away 3,000 smart fridges in the country (hat tip to the Guardian). UK energy utility npower, part of Germany’s RWE, is working on the project with UK smart-energy startup RLtec, which will provide “dynamic demand” technology. The fridges are expected to be rolled out next year.

The new appliances are designed to be easy to use, involving little or no user input, and are expected to save people a significant amount of cash on their energy bills. One recent study from the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford found that energy management systems can help cut residential electricity use by up to 15 percent. Read More about Smart Fridges to Invade the UK