What’s the next frontier in the connected world?

The world today is more plugged in than ever before. The question now is: Are there still new frontiers that can benefit from added connectivity? We pulled aside a few tech industry leaders who spoke at the GigaOM RoadMap 2011 conference to find out.

Connectedness & us: Takeaways from GigaOM RoadMap

Connectedness was the theme of our first GigaOM RoadMap conference and we talked to smart speakers and attendees all day long. Here are the GigaOM and GigaOM Pro editorial teams’ highlights and key takeaways from yesterday’s events, plus some photos from the event.

Team game dynamics, not personal tools, fix healthcare

Adam Bosworth, the founder and CTO of health start-up Keas said the key in transforming health care is not in personalized tools but in gamified systems for employees that build off competition and encouragement and help employers bring down their insurance costs.

DreamWorks Animation CTO: Bad 3-D movies can make you sick

A bad 2-D movie is something you can shrug off, but a bad 3-D movie can make you physically sick, said DreamWorks Animation CTO Ed Leonard at our GigaOM Roadmap conference in San Francisco on Thursday. Still, DreamWorks is very much committed to 3-D.

What tomorrow’s cable box looks like

Comcast customers will soon find a new UI on their cable box that will look much less like Grandma’s EPG, and more like an iPad app with social recommendations and universal search. But how open will the cable box of the future be for third-party developers?

Need to optimize your sleep? There’s an app for that.

It might sound like science fiction, but Jawbone Founder and CEO Hosain Rahman says we’re headed to an era where our bodies can be connected to everything in our worlds, including our air conditioners. But it all starts with gathering data and understanding what it means.

Search plus social equals richer shopping experiences

The store of the future has yet to be imagined if Venky Harinarayan, SVP Walmart Global eCommerce and Head, @WalmartLabs, is correct. His organization is experimenting with integrating social, search and shopping experiences for both retailers and consumers.

The book is great technology, but it’s not good for everything

Printed books may have been groundbreaking technology 500 years ago, and they still have plenty of value as an information-distribution platform — but they are no longer good for every purpose, Matt MacInnis of digital textbook publisher Inkling told the GigaOM RoadMap conference on Thursday.

The time for healthcare tech startups is now

Don’t listen to the naysayers. The time to jump into healthcare IT is now, said Frank Moss, director of the new media medicine at MIT’s Media Lab. Creative technologists working in mobility, social networking, nano devices, should seek health IT opportunities. Now.

Airbnb CEO: The future is about access, not ownership

For decades now, folks in America have generally prized the idea of ownership — especially regarding homes. But according to Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky, as the world’s population gets larger and technology makes us more connected, the adulation of ownership is slowly starting to wane.