Born to help make the rent, Airbnb grew from good design

Airbnb, the darling success story of Paul Graham’s Y Combinator, began with a few design guys in San Francisco renting out an air mattress to customers, but the service has grown immensely since then, and Joe Gebbia, the company’s co-founder, said it was all about design.

Stores aren’t for selling, they are for delighting your customers

Designing a store that’s not about selling products, but is instead about delighting and engaging with the customer may be the future of retail if George Blankenship of Tesla Motors has his way. Blankenship shares his retail vision honed at Apple and at Tesla.

Good design can improve leadership by making big data accessible

As the computer revolution has morphed into today’s web, design has a more important seat at the table. Not only is the web visual, but the data generated and the loss of hierarchy enabled by the web has created leadership challenges that good design can solve.

What makers of the ‘learning thermostat’ learned to redesign Nest

Working with a small team of less than 20 people on a first-time hardware product is tough to do things perfectly the first time, Tony Fadell, founder of Nest Labs said Monday. He talked about how customer feedback informed a quick redesign of the company’s product.

If you think your car is smart and connected now, just wait

Cars are becoming a platform for connecting their occupants to their data, their cloud services, to their auto maker, to other cars. If you think you’re car’s smart and connected now, just wait till you put it on your data plan.

A beautiful design and no jerks: how Tumblr did it

Tumblr has become a wildly popular forum for people to share pictures, stories and news within a happy and supportive community. CEO David Karp shared some insight on how this is possible on a large scale.

Yves Behar: Connectedness is what design does best

What ties many design parts together into a highly desired, functional product? Connectedness, ranging from user interface, user experience, product functions and self-healing, says Yves Behar. Touch is a big factor and you might be surprised by which companies Behar says are doing it right.

Instagram CEO: Sandy was probably Instagram’s biggest moment

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said Hurricane Sandy was probably the company’s biggest moment, with users tagging 800,000 photos with the “#Sandy” hashtag, compared to about 85,000 photos tagged with the Super Bowl hashtag this year. He said they embraced the participatory nature.