Medium is working on a new home page and new mobile tools

Fittingly, Medium founder and CEO Evan Williams shared a few details of the company’s roadmap with the crowd during the last session at Roadmap 2014. Expect a new home page (“our home page is terrible”) and a new mobile app.

If you want to make a well-designed product, give it some love

At the center of any good product design is a whole lot of heart. Mladen Barbaric, the founder and CEO of Pearl Studios, explained at Gigaom’s Roadmap conference Wednesday why design is a “deeply human and profoundly emotional” process, and design projects created with love have a better chance to resonate with the general populace.

Ford moves away from car features to car “experiences”

While that focus has been mainly on industrial design throughout Ford’s century-long existence, Ford is now venturing into the world of digital design, shifting much of the design focus to the interior controls of the vehicle.

Good wearable design can actually reduce tech distractions

Many people see Google Glass or other wearables and immediately think “Great; here’s another device to distract me from my surroundings.” Designed with micro interactions in mind, however, these can actually give you more to experience the world around you.