Why Robert Scoble is Both Good and Bad for Quora

After initially celebrating Quora, social-media maven Robert Scoble has changed his mind. It might seem as though this is of interest only to Silicon Valley insiders, but it has focused another spotlight on some important hurdles that Quora has to face as it tries to grow.

Today in Social

Robert Scoble’s real-time account of the latest addition to his family cries out (at least as much as the baby) for greater simplification and uniformity in real-time communication. With competing formats and technologies — Latitude, Gowalla, FourSquare, Twitter and moreĀ — chronicling this event seems as complicated as the delivery itself.

How Startups Can Win Big With VCs

[qi:012] Startups looking for VC funding need to make two things crystal clear when pitching to investors: One, how your company plans to distribute your product or services to the masses; and two, why it’s going to shake up the tech industry. That’s the advice offered up by the panels of venture capitalists and tech executives to startups that presented at the TechCrunch 50 conference this week.
While during a demo, startups have to explain what their offering is and how it works, that’s only one part of a successful pitch. “There’s been a lack of focus on distribution,” said Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and now the head of a $300 million venture fund. “The typical path a lot of startups take is they launch their product and no one finds out about it.” They also need to do a better job explaining how they’re going to catalyze the industry. As Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s put it after viewing demos, “I didn’t see anything where I thought ‘Oh wow, I think this will change the world.'” Read More about How Startups Can Win Big With VCs

Vid-Biz: Cable on Net, Scoble, NBC

No Over-the-Top Threat from Time Warner; Comcast May Not Charge; more detail on cable operators’ online video plans. (VideoNuze)

Robert Scoble Leaves Fast Company TV
; sponsor Seagate backed out; blogger doesn’t say what his next gig will be. (TechCrunch, Scobleizer)

NBC Wants Branded Web Content; NBCU VP Cameron Death says the network is “over-investing” on the web and planning “to over-deliver.” (MediaPost)

Ustream Does Celeb Mobile Live Streaming; moves to challenge Kyte, which has already tied up a lot of these deals. (Ustream blog)

Cathay Pacific Apologizes to Angry Woman Who Missed Flight; airline employee made video of woman’s ridiculous tantrum that has 5 million views. (video, BusinessWeek)

Why Blogs Need To Be Social

Earlier this week, San Francisco-based Six Apart released the newest version of its flagship product, Moveable Type Pro, and pushed the blogging community toward a very social future. It is not a new concept — but now, it’s time for blogs to evolve and embrace the different ways in which we’re sharing our digital lives with the world. In short, they need to become social – very social. Continue Reading.

Yet Another Drama About Twitter

Twitter, in a post on its blog, has acknowledged that it’s been having problems. It attributes some (not all) of them to so-called “popular” users that it says overloaded the system when they sent updates in too quick a succession. In other words, it was a tactical acknowledgment by the company of problems that have already been widely reported.

Of course Twitter’s most popular user is Robert Scoble, and as far as numerous successive posts have argued, he is the real source of the problem (prompting some not-unexpected foot-stomping on Scoble’s part).

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