Why Path limits you to 150 friends

Do you want to see the most relevant stories from all your friends, or all stories from just your best friends? That’s the fundamental difference between what Facebook will show you in your news feed, versus the information shared on Path.

Dunbar’s Number and the Future of Communications

groomingOver the past year, I’ve wished more of my friends “Happy Birthday” than I had my entire life prior to that. This summer, I’ve checked in daily with numerous friends while they were on their vacations. And last week I accidentally ignited a debate among 16 of my friends over the article “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin.”
Of course, none of this happened in person, but via Facebook and Twitter. The asymmetrical and casual nature of social networks is allowing humans to engage in what Robin Dunbar has termed “social grooming” with increasingly larger groups — without investing increasingly larger amounts of time. The value of these communications improvements is so great that going forward, I expect significant increases in human and capital investments in this space. Read More about Dunbar’s Number and the Future of Communications