What can anybody do to make London better for tech IPOs?

European technology companies looking to go public usually desert their home turf and head to the U.S. — creating an echo chamber that has made some local investors angry. Now reports suggest that the British government may be trying to reverse that trend. Can it work?

Index says the City of London needs to step it up

The VC behind big European exits like Skype, MySQL and Lovefilm has been arguing that London should play host to more IPOs. Now Robin Klein, one of its high profile partners, is spearheading the attack with an appeal to government, investors and startups themselves.

Farmeron puts big data to work down on the farm

Farmeron isn’t your typical software-as-a-service business — it’s based in a small town in Croatia, and its customers are dairy farmers, not tech-savvy startups. Still, founder Matija Kopic’s just raised another $1.4 million to help take its big data services to farms around the world.

Fizzback scores $80M payday, but did it sell too soon?

British startup Fizzback, which has won much praise for its popular customer service software, has been bought by a larger Israeli rival for $80 million. But investors seem to think the business had more in the tank. So was the founder right to sell?