Rocket brings in $13M for Stripe clone Paymill amid IPO rumors

The Berlin clone factory’s simple payments service, Paymill, has picked up €10 million from Holtzbrinck and Sunstone. With Rocket’s many operations pulling in tens of millions in investment each month, the flotation rumor comes as no surprise.

Rocket misfires as Petitebox closes, gets born again

Germany’s Rocket Internet may have not made its big U.S. push yet, but one of its early plays — parenting subscription service Petitebox — has failed amid logistical problems. Will it make up for that by resurrecting the service under a new name?

Clone factory Rocket finally comes clean

The Samwer Brothers have stopped being furtive about the extent of their many clones, with a new site that lists their full portfolio as part of a wider rebrand. But what can we learn from this dramatic shift? Is Rocket Internet looking to America?