The Samwers are trimming their portfolio: Here’s why

Germany’s notorious clone merchants have sold their stake in furniture operation Fashion For Home, but that still leaves them with good alternatives in the space. Whether they can produce strong players in less traditional e-commerce markets is another question.

Now Wrapp goes head to head with Samwers in Germany

After the CEO of social gifting company Wrapp said he wanted to take on Germany’s notorious Samwer brothers, the business is finally delivering by launching in Germany and taking on the copycat kings on their home territory.

Samwers kill their Fab clone after just six months

Just months after Germany’s notorious Samwer brothers courted controversy by cloning design sales site, they are about to close their copycat site, Bamarang, down — folding it into its more successful stablemate, WestWing.

Rocket caught copying Fab code in Nigerian push

The fact that Germany’s Rocket Internet is launching another clone should come as a surprise to no-one. But even with their copycat reputation, cutting and pasting code for their new Nigerian online store seems more than little bit lazy.

Marc Samwer out as Groupon’s international boss

After enduring a torrid few months, Groupon has confirmed a shakeup of its international business, bringing in a new chief to oversee operations outside America. But why has outgoing chief Marc Samwer been replaced?

Revealed: the full extent of the Rocket clone empire

Germany’s Samwer brothers are notorious as Europe’s chief cloners of web companies through their Rocket Internet vehicle. But we discovered their empire of e-commerce copycats is increasingly global, with companies operating in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Wrapp races to outpace DropGifts with German launch

In what is starting to look like an e-commerce version of Risk, Wrapp is retaliating against clone-artists Rocket Internet by launching on their home turf and detailing ambitious expansion plans