Grand Theft Auto III on the iPad feels unreal to this gamer

Grand Theft Auto III, the 10 Year Anniversary edition, officially hit the iOS App Store and Android Market late Wednesday. It will only run on relatively recent devices, but even so, it’s an experience that truly shows just how far mobile gaming has come.

Rockstar Switching Horses, From Amazon to iTunes


Rockstar Games, makers of the extremely popular Grand Theft Auto franchise, are picking up and moving a very lucrative music partnership from Amazon (s amzn) to iTunes, which offers players of GTA IV the opportunity to purchase tracks used in the game’s soundtrack.

The reason for the switch? Apple’s (a AAPL) decision to finally go DRM-free. Rockstar had apparently always wanted to go with the big fish (how could you not, when they command more than 90 percent of the digital music distribution market?), but also wanted users not to be tied down with the music they purchased using it.
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