Canada gets two new LTE networks thanks to Rogers

Rogers is maintaining its steady LTE rollout pace up north, lighting up Calgary and Halifax Monday, bringing its total 4G coverage to 12 million people. Given the small population, Canadian operators are on track to match the U.S. in blanketing metropolitan areas with 4G next year.

Rogers’ new One Number: Is this the future of telco voice?

It was only a matter of time before a major operator abandoned its territorial notions about mobile voice and adopted a true ‘softphone’ service, and that operator appears to be Rogers Communications. It’s severing the bond between the mobile phone number and the mobile phone.

Dreams of mobile payments lead telco to try banking

Canadian carrier Rogers has filed to become a bank under Canada’s Federal Bank Act, which will allow it to pursue more mobile payments services and a “niche credit card opportunity” for consumers. Expect more carriers to go the same route as the mobile payment opportunity explodes.

The case for and against a September iPhone 5 launch

Everyone knows Apple will launch a new iPhone, but no one knows quite when. Friday saw new claims as to when it might arrive, so it’s a good opportunity to look at all of the iPhone 5 release date rumors and see where we end up.

Canadian Broadcasters: Regulate Netflix Like TV

Netflix could soon be forced to spend more money on Canadian content and run programming “that reflects Canadian attitudes, opinions, ideas, values and artistic creativity,” if Canada’s TV incumbents have their way. An industry consortium asked regulators this month to treat Netflix like plain old TV.

Will Content Streaming Make ISPs Rich?

Two announcements on Monday night illustrated the yin and yang of the streaming market. Amazon announced a cloud storage drive and cloud music service, and Netflix said it would have to degrade the quality of video streams in response to bandwidth caps.

Vid-Biz: Spotify on TV, Rogers TV Everywhere, Roku on Netflix

Today on the Net: Rogers Communications gets 100,000 subscribers to sign up for TV Everywhere, Netflix’s new UI causes some trouble for Roku users and Spotify lands on TV sets for the first time in Sweden and Finland, but still has a long way to go.

Vid-Biz: Fox Mobile, Rogers Online, Clearleap

Today on the Net: Fox Mobile launches a Hulu lookalike for mobile devices with 25 content partners, Rogers formally launches its On Demand Online TV Everywhere service with 1,500 hours of content and Mediacom taps Clearleap to manage VOD and ads in its local markets