Roku boxes coming soon to Canada and the UK

Roku is expanding beyond the U.S. market, with its streaming boxes going on sale in Canada and the U.K. beginning in early 2012. That will add millions of new potential customers for Roku, and could help Netflix gain adoption in those international markets as well.

Pigs beware: Roku gets Angry Birds with new devices

The next generation of Roku media streaming boxes will roll out soon, with a new, smaller form factor and more powerful graphics. With the release, the company is betting big on casual games becoming available on new Roku 2 devices, including Rovio’s Angry Birds.

Roku 2 revealed. Thanks, FCC!

Pictures and details of the next generation of Roku set-top boxes have been revealed, thanks to a filing with the FCC. So should you get ready to buy one? It probably depends on if you already own a Roku — and how much you like Angry Birds.