How Sonny Became 2008’s Big Flash Game Hit

sonny-2He’s a zombie commando with a British accent and a sensitive side, and he’s one of gaming’s biggest (if relatively unheralded) heroes of 2008. He’s Sonny, lead character in a Flash game of the same name, and when Armor Games published the title last December, it quickly became this year’s Desktop Tower Defense — in other words, a casual web game that’s attracted a huge, passionate following.

Armor CEO Daniel McNeely estimates that Sonny has been played 20 million times by 12 million unique players. On the casual game platform Kongregate, it’s by far the community’s highest-ranked, most-played title. Amid much geeky celebration, the sequel, cleverly dubbed Sonny 2, went online last Friday. It’s already been played over 700,000 times. Why the enthusiasm? Read More about How Sonny Became 2008’s Big Flash Game Hit