House passes CISPA in surprise vote

The U.S. House of Representatives surprised the tech industry Thursday by voting on, and passing, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) after having originally scheduled a vote for Friday. The bill was amended several times prior to the final vote.

The double-edged sword of political mobile ads

The GOP presidential candidates are already using mobile marketing campaigns to sell themselves to potential voters. The keys to success can apply to the larger world of mobile marketing and advertising too: Make voters aware of the campaign, encourage them to be a part of the conversation and keep them close as you draw newcomers.

Today in Connected Consumer

Anti-piracy legislation has traditionally been one of the few areas of genuinely bi-partisan action on Capitol Hill. Insofar as the issue was controversial, the conflicts were either generational (see: “series of tubes”) or regional (Northern vs. Southern California). SOPA, after all, was introduced by Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and a deeply conservative Republican from a very red district. PIPA, on the other hand, was drafted by Sen. Patrick Leahy, the liberal senator from Vermont and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In the wake of The Great Blackout, however, there are signs of increasingly partisanship on the issue. During the Republican primary debate last night, the candidates were asked (via Twitter) about SOPA and three of the four denounced it in unusually partisan terms. Newt Gingrich blamed it on “Hollywood liberals” (no doubt news to Lamar Smith), Ron Paul called it big government and Mitt Romney said he opposed it because “I’m standing for freedom,” whatever that meant. Only Rick Santorum expressed support for “the goals” of SOPA and PIPA, if not for the bills themselves. Meanwhile, as the Wall Street Journal points out this morning, most of the remaining supporters of SOPA are now Democrats.

iPhone apps for presidential primary and caucus season

With a competitive primary and caucus season upon us for the 2012 Republican Presidential race (the Democratic race is uncontested with President Obama running for re-election), your iPhone could be a handy guide in helping you decide whom to vote for.

Vid Picks: Ron Paul Says “I Told You So”

Say what you will about the current economic crisis, but peoples’ interest in understanding exactly why financial institutions are crumbling is giving lesser-known political figures their brief moments in the spotlight, which in turn has resulted in many, many C-SPAN clips garnering view rates on par with adorable cat videos. For one thing, after a long and depressing year, supporters of Rep. Ron Paul have been enjoying the rare opportunity to gloat — because it turns out that their man called the economic collapse a year ago.

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