Infographic: Making sense of the spectrum debate

We’ve filled up a lot of posts at GigaOM discussing spectrum and the supposed capacity crunch carriers face, but all those references to megahertz and gigahertz can get somewhat confusing. Luckily RootMetrics has prepared a handy graphical primer explaining the ins and out of the airwaves.

How crowdsourcing will give Hilton Head better mobile coverage

Hilton Head is an island full of sandy beaches, manicured golf courses and lush green trees. But one thing the island community doesn’t have is good cellular coverage. By working with RootMetrics to crowdsource testing of its local cellular networks, it hopes to change that.

T-Mobile’s 42 Mbps HSPA+: Fast, but it’s still no LTE

T-Mobile claims its new 42-Mbps HSPA+ can rival LTE. In the industry’s first apples to apples-to-apples comparison, RootMetrics put T-Mo’s claims to the test in multiple markets. The conclusion: T-Mobile’s network is fast but its still can’t match the raw speeds of Verizon’s LTE.

RootMetrics Invites iPhone Users to Build a Coverage Map

RootMetrics, a new crowd-sourcing application, is now available on the iPhone, allowing users to help build carrier coverage maps based on their data. The free app allows users to help themselves and others understand the weaknesses and strengths of various carrier networks.