Post bankruptcy, Tribune Co. plans to sell off newspapers and TV stations

The Tribune Co. officially emerged from bankruptcy Monday with a new board including former Yahoo exec Ross Levinsohn and former Disney exec Peter Murphy. The company plans to sell off its 23 television stations, eight daily newspapers and stakes in websites like

Network TV’s house of cards

Apart from the loss of viewers, traditional TV networks are also losing their monopoly on A-list creative talent. On Thursday, Amazon formally announced it was beginning production on the first six pilot episodes for a series of web-based sitcoms it plans to launch on Amazon Prime Video. The fledgling shows boast writing talent from The Daily Show, The Onion and The Big Bang, as well as Doonesbury creator Gary Trudeau.

MiniTime wants to help parents plan pint-sized vacations

Looking for vacations that actually work for your kids? Check out MiniTime, the site that lets travelers search for hotel and activity information based on the ages of their children and the specific amenities those vacation options offer.

Levinsohn leaves Mayer’s Yahoo: ‘time for next challenge’

Media head Ross Levinsohn is leaving Yahoo after being passed over for CEO in favor of Marissa Mayer. The Google vet’s hiring despite Levinsohn’s solid performance as interim CEO signaled a choice of tech over media. Where will he go and who stays from his team?

Mayer will draw her own Yahoo road map

Shock. Awe. Wow. Huh? All valid reactions to the last-minute plot twist in Yahoo’s search for its third CEO in the past 10 months: the hiring of Google star Marissa Mayer as president and CEO.

Yahoo’s newest road map could be drawn in disappearing ink

Listening to interim CEO Ross Levinsohn talk about a road map he may not be there to chart or navigate rang a little hollow at Thursday’s Yahoo annual meeting. Levinsohn may be the frontrunner but the board isn’t ready to sign off yet.

Yahoo board keeps Levinsohn CEO decision under wraps

The Yahoo board seems determined to make who will be CEO the story, instead of what the CEO will do or what the digital media company is accomplishing. An announcement could come as early as this morning. We can only hope.

Yahoo CEO watch: Levinsohn alone on deck

Yahoo and Facebook announcing that they will avoid the patent version of the Hundred Years’ War should be enough to seal the deal for interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, credited with the change in strategy, to get the “i” word removed from his title. Will it be?

Will the Yahoo board stick with Levinsohn?

As Yahoo’s July 12th annual meeting approaches, it looks like the latest search for a CEO might be ending soon. Will the new board stick with interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, who has been unwinding the last re-org, or go outside?

Does Yahoo even know how to be a modern media company?

The appointment of Ross Levinsohn as CEO is a sign Yahoo wants to focus on media as the core of its rebirth, but does the company have what it takes to succeed as a new-media entity? There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical.