Could the HoloLens be Microsoft’s iMoment?

Like the iPod and iPhone, the HoloLens represents an inspiring connection of hardware and software that will take its company in a new direction. But unlike Apple’s immense successes, Microsoft is betting on a new and untested behavioral experience.

Why Amazon has a big opportunity in product crowdfunding

Kickstarter has told the world it is not a store, but can a store be Kickstarter? After tries by a few startups to improve the preorder experience, the king of online retail may be stepping in to claim its crowdfunding reward.

How LG and Motorola are assailing Samsung

Samsung still enjoys a healthy lead atop the Android smartphone heap, but competitors such as LG and Motorola have shown they are starting to find ways to penetrate its market dominance.

Why the sharing economy needs the Internet of Things

Organizations ranging from Zipcar to bike-sharing programs rely on remote unlocking and return of assets. Sharing economy companies that rely on individual assets need to do the same to compete on experience and drive member loyalty.

1 in 3 smartphones sold in Q4 had 4G connectivity

Aided by the launch of the iPhone 4S, the number of U.S. smartphones embedded with mobile broadband connectivity jumped in 2011, increasing from 6 percent of at the end of 2010 to 35 percent by the close of the year, according to the NPD Group.

Android still 1st choice among virgin smartphone buyers

The iPhone may have passed over Android in total U.S. smartphone sales, but Google’s platform still has one key advantage: it’s attracting more mobile data newbies. According to the NPD Group, 57 percent of first-time smartphone buyers last quarter chose Android handsets.