Rovi paid $12 million for Fan TV

Rovi paid just $12 million for Fan TV, the TV discovery startup previously known as Fanhattan, according to a FCC filing (hat tip to Multichannel News). Fan TV introduced its own set-top box for TV Everywhere services in early 2013, but had troubles to strike partnerships with pay TV operators to actually bring it to market. Earlier this month, Rovi announced that it was acquiring Fan TV for an undisclosed amount, with plans to keep the company up and running, but possibly white-label some of its products down the line. Fan TV raised around $40 million over the years.

Rovi sues Hulu over program guide patents

Rovi is taking Hulu to court over program guide patents that the streaming site is allegedly infringing against. The suit was filed the same week that Fox announced it is putting up a pay wall around broadcast TV content that used to be free online.

Yidio launches alerts, telling you when shows come online

Can’t remember when your favorite shows are on? Don’t know when Hulu will out up the next episode? Then you’re the right target audience for Yidio’s new alerts, which can be customized to ping you via Facebook, Twitter or email every time content becomes available. wants to be your social TV guide online

A new site called is trying to bring users the best movie and TV recommendations across a number of online video services, leveraging their interests and social graph to surface streaming videos that they might be interested in.

Rovi Buys Sidereel, Expands to the Web

Sidereel has been scooped up by Rovi for an undisclosed amount, and Rovi is also launching a new consumer-facing website for media recommendations. However, the real end game seems to be bringing all of this web content to the next generation of connected devices.