Google’s Q2 by the numbers: all the other stuff

Google released its second-quarter financials on Thursday, hitting its first quarter with more than $9 billion in revenue. But on a call with financial analysts, it gave a whole bunch of nonfinancial metrics for how its various businesses are growing.

Infographic: How People Watched the Royal Wedding

NBC tracked more than 200,000 downloads of its Royal Wedding iPad app last week, and it also was able to get more than half a million impressions on Facebook. Check out this neat infographic for more details about the network’s numbers on multiple platforms.

Royal Wedding Breaks Records, Not the Internet

The royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton was a very gallant affair, and one that amassed huge global audiences online. Due to a large number of live streams available, viewers from all over were able to tune in live from wherever they were.

Today in Cloud

Who could ever have imagined that 1.8 Million people might actually want to buy tickets for next year’s London Olympics? Clearly not Ticketmaster, as the ticket site buckled under a last-minute rush earlier this week, forcing an extension of the ticket bidding process until early on Wednesday morning. Despite the success of companies like SOASTA, the process of predicting capacity and demand clearly remains far more art than science. Either that, or Ticketmaster didn’t spend as much as they should have on back-end infrastructure. I wonder what Logoc had to say to Ticketmaster on Wednesday? There’s another big online event in London tomorrow. Hopefully YouTube and all the TV stations that will be livestreaming have remembered that there might be a wee bit of demand.

Where to Watch the Royal Wedding Online

The world is looking to London for the royal wedding this Friday, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to follow the entire event live online as well. Practically every news network and many other sites are streaming their take on the wedding in real time.