Will 2017 be the Final Year of the Password?

Passwords have become a necessary evil and many users complain about the burden of coming up with complex passwords, and the even bigger challenge of remembering those passwords.

Processors can (in theory at least) give up encryption keys through the noises they make

Strong encryption may still work, despite the best efforts of the NSA, but a new research paper suggests that clever audio analysis can recover users’ private encryption keys. The exploit takes advantage of the fact that processors make noises that can sometimes betray what they’re doing — noises that even a mobile device’s microphone can pick up. Actually doing this would require a very, very specific set of circumstances, but the heavily paranoid might want to make sure they’re using the latest GnuPG RSA encryption software, namely version 2.x.

NY Times: The Chinese hacked us!

The Gray Lady said Chinese hackers broke into its systems repeatedly over the last 4 months as the company published an expose on Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.