Scala programmers are in catbird seat, or are they?

Demand for programmers with Scala expertise continues to grow, according to job postings on But things aren’t that simple. If you cut the data other ways, you can pretty much see what you want to see.

Oracle gets a piece of PaaS with Engine Yard investment

It’s probably not a huge investment, especially by Oracle’ s usual standards, but the database giant has bought a minority stake in Engine Yard, the PHP, Ruby and Node.js Platform as a Service. The stake gives Oracle a better story — sort of — in PaaS.

Heroku boss: 1.5M apps, many not in Ruby

According to former Heroku CEO and current VP of Platforms Byron Sebastian, Heroku is hosting more than 1.5 million applications — an increase of approximately 15x in less than 18 months. It’s success is part of an industry trend toward PaaS acceptance for new apps.

Survey: NoSQL adoption driven by schema hate

Database professionals planning to take the NoSQL leap this year said the restrictive schemas in the RDBMS world drove their move. High latency, high cost and inability to scale out were also cited as reasons to move beyond SQL databases.

Goyaka helps Flickr photo fans flock to Facebook

Moving Flickr photographs over to Facebook is not easy. Goyaka Labs promises a free, automated, fast way to transfer your photos en masse in a three-step process so they can be shared with friends and family. A Picasa version is also on its way.

Scala sets sights on top-tier status among the Java faithful

To hear Typesafe folks tell it, the Scala programming language and associated middleware is about to join the ranks of first-tier development tools. And, a new Scala plug-in for the popular Eclipse integrated development environment should help pave the way.

AppFog gets (more) multilingual with Java support

AppFog, which started out as a PHP-based Platform-as-a-Service, just added Java to its roster of supported programming languages. AppFog already added support for Ruby and Node.js. Still to come: support for Python, .NET and “smaller languages like Erlang,” said AppFog CEO Lucas Carlson.

Engine Yard goes PHP with Orchestra acquisition

Platform-as-a-Service veteran Engine Yard is getting on board with the recent trend of multi-language support by acquiring Dublin, Ireland-based PHP PaaS startup Orchestra. An industry shift toward supporting more than one language and/or framework likely influenced the decision to close the Orchestra deal now.

Ruby creator Matsumoto joins Heroku

Heroku might have expanded its embrace to include Node.js and Clojure, but its heart is still with Ruby. To wit, Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto is joining the company as its chief architect for Ruby, which should only improve its standing in the developer community.

Heroku to Exit Beta, Start Charging for Cloud Computing

herokulogo Heroku will unveil tomorrow the commercial version of its Ruby-focused cloud platform, which — in a world full of management interfaces, configuration files and provisioning policies — virtually eliminates the need for a user to do any of the associated grunt work. It’s a process the San Francisco-based startup calls “provisionless hosting.”
In Heroku’s cloud, deploying web applications becomes a trivial process, where developers can forego the busy work of configuring app servers and databases, and of allocating resources to each component. As co-founder and CEO James Lindenbaum explained, while he applauds the work being done to improve the management layers of existing cloud offerings, “We think that’s actually the wrong direction. We think this stuff shouldn’t be so complicated.” Read More about Heroku to Exit Beta, Start Charging for Cloud Computing