Report: Google preparing iOS app for Android Wear smartwatches

Right now, you need an Android phone to use an Android Wear smartwatch. But according to a report from French technology website 01net, Android Wear might be going cross-platform with an iOS app, possibly launching at Google’s annual developer conference in May.

When Apple Watch launches in the next month, it will require an iPhone to work. Android compatibility is extremely unlikely. If Google were to allow Android Wear smartwatches to work with iOS devices, that would be a significant difference between the platforms, and some users would see it as a reason to pick an Android Wear device over an Apple Watch. At the very least, it would expand the market of possible Android Wear users.

Last year, Android Wear senior product manager Jeff Chang hinted that Google was contemplating cross-platform compatibility for Android Wear but had run into technical obstacles. “It’s not always completely up to us right? There are technical constraints, API constraints so we are trying really hard, ” Chang told the Huffington Post.

Currently, we have to treat this report as a rumor. Although 01net is a reputable website, it doesn’t cite a source — only “according to our information” (selon nos informations) — and warns that it hasn’t been confirmed.

Still, it’s fun to imagine a time in the near future when your Moto 360 could talk to your iPhone 6. Recently, a developer who goes by MohammadAG hacked his Android Wear smartwatch to talk directly to an iPhone using Apple’s notification services. Although it was more of a concept than a working Android Wear solution for iOS, it showed that it’s possible. Given that Google has native iOS support for many of its products, it wouldn’t surprise me if Google is working to bring Android Wear beyond Android. Let’s see it happen, Google.

Beyond IE: Microsoft reportedly building new “Spartan” browser

Back in September, ZDNet Microsoft-watcher Mary-Jo Foley reported that the next version of Internet Explorer was being developed under the codename “Spartan”. On Monday, though, she quoted anonymous sources as saying Spartan would be a whole new browser, rather than IE 12. Building on other reports, Foley said the new lightweight browser will support extensions and hopefully be more streamlined than IE has become over its two decades of existence. Nonetheless, for the sake of backwards compatibility, the upcoming Windows 10 will ship with both Spartan (or whatever its final name is) and IE 11, she said.

The silly rumors never stop: Now it’s AT&T and Cricket

The rumormongers are at it again, sticking together mobile operators willy nilly as if this the wireless industry was some giant multi-billion-dollar Mr. Potato Head. The latest report comes from Reuters, which has AT&T in talks Leap Wireless, the owner of prepaid carrier Cricket Communications.

IPad 3 production reportedly under way for March launch

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the iPad 2’s introduction, rumors are heating up around its successor. The iPad 3 is reportedly now in production in preparation for an early March launch, when it will ship with new Sharp displays and a relatively unchanged body.

Amidst Spotify Rumors, Facebook CEO Talks Music and Media

As rumors of a big Facebook/Spotify deal swirled, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at the e-G8 Forum in Paris and reasserted that he has no ambitions to go Hollywood. “We don’t have the DNA to be a music company or a movie company,” Zuckerberg said.

Apple Stores Reportedly Getting 10th Anniversary Makeover

On the eve of Apple retail’s ten-year anniversary, rumors are suggesting big changes inside Apple Stores this weekend. Those changes might include iPad-based payment terminals and interactive displays, dedicated product setup areas, and more changes designed to improve the brick-and-mortar shopping experience.