Apple Getting Serious About the Cloud With Free MobileMe in April?

The latest rumor surrounding MobileMe says it could be free beginning in April, and will at least temporarily coexist beside the current paid service. It’s not the first time we’ve heard about imminent MobileMe changes, but it does suggest an announcement could be coming soon.

Big Rumors About Little iPhone, MobileMe Revamp

Echoing rumors from late last week, the Wall Street Journal is weighing in with a report that Apple is gearing-up to produce a smaller, cheaper iPhone and introduce a revamped MobileMe this summer. Both moves seem motivated by Apple’s strong competition in the mobile market.

MacBook Air Update Rumored, But Apple Could Skip Sandy Bridge

Less than six months ago, Apple launched a redesigned MacBook Air. It was almost a completely new machine, but only “almost” because the new MacBook Air still uses the “old” Core 2 Duo, same as the first. That could change soon.

iPad 2 Said to Now Be In Production; Here’s Why I Believe It

The WSJ is reporting that Apple has begun production on the iPad 2, according to “people familiar with the matter.” The next-generation tablet from Apple will be thinner and lighter, with a faster processor, more memory and a better graphics processor, according to the source.

Rumor Has It: iPad 2 Will Have USB

While many were busy filling faces with turkey, and filling malls to the brim on Friday, some new, interesting rumors about the iPad 2 came to light. The rumors included some obvious claims, but one seems out of left field: a built-in USB port.

iPad 2 Ads Already Shot?

Rumor has it that Apple has already filmed ads for the next iPad. British photographer David Sims was chosen to create the ads late last month at New York’s Pier 59. Current generation iPads were reportedly used during filming, to be digitally replaced in post production.

New MacBook Air Rumors Suggest Two Distinct Models (UPDATED)

Over the weekend, we saw a slew of new rumors surrounding the new MacBook Air hit the web. The new reports suggest we might see more than one design for the ultraportable. We might also see the introduction of a new kind of notebook storage.

Microsoft and Adobe: A Threat to Apple’s Creativity?

The New York Times is reporting that two companies with good reason to fear Apple’s (s aapl) growing influence in the tech industry recently got together to talk business. The hour-long meeting saw Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer meet Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen at Adobe HQ.

MacBook Air Supplies Run Low: New Model on the Way?

If you were waiting for Apple (s aapl) to finally update the MacBook Air before you bought a new notebook, you’re in luck. AppleInsider’s discovered that stock of the current versions of Apple’s ultra-portable is depleted, a good sign that something new is on the way.

More Evidence for a Touchscreen iMac Emerges

More and more often, I’ll reach out and touch my iMac’s display, only to remember that no, it isn’t like my iPad, and touching the screen accomplishes nothing besides fingerprints. That may change soon, if a new report by DigiTimes proves accurate.