QiK Brings Video to iPhone (Legitimately)

It finally looks like video-recording is arriving on the iPhone, courtesy of QiK’s new app. The omission of a video-record feature for the iPhone has long been a major source of derision. The device is fully capable of supporting video, it simply comes down to either an oversight or ill-considered design decision regarding features on Apple’s part (and considering the Cupertino campus’s eye for detail, the latter is much more likely).
Qik, featured over at sister-site NewTeeVee.com back in June, is one of several video apps that owners of jailbroken iPhone’s have had access to for some time now. The interesting thing about QiK is that it streams live to the web — it means whatever you’re doing, where ever you may be, you can now broadcast live to the masses direct from your iPhone.
Fountain of Apple rumors, Kevin Rose, claims that QiK is very close to arriving at the App Store. “This is not a hacked or jailbroken version, this is the real deal. It’s not out in the App Store yet, but I hear it’s coming very soon.” Bringing serious substance to his rumor mongering, Rose actually broadcast the news live using the official QiK app itself.
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Apple Developing Networked LCD HDTV/Apple TV Hybrid?

Perhaps tired of notebooks hogging the spotlight lately, Apple TV is the subject of new rumors that surfaced this past weekend.

Jason Calacanis is making claims that Cupertino is developing a line of network-ready HDTV’s with built-in Apple TV functionality.  The TV’s would offer the same feature-set as the current Apple TV peripheral, but would cut out the extra hardware, offering the ability to stream your content directly from any Mac or PC on your local network.
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Live from Diggnation: Apple Event Rumors

Diggnation London 2007, photo by SlipstreamJC

Diggnation London 2007, photo by SlipstreamJC

This year’s Future of Web Apps Expo found game geek Alex Albrecht and über-fanboy Kevin Rose arrive in London, England, for a live Diggnation show. The show, intended to be a roundup of the week’s most interesting Digg.com stories, descended in to the usual drunken fun.

Several weeks back, Rose published a video on his blog featuring several rumors relating to the new iPod Nano, most of which came good. This puts Rose in the somewhat unique position of being a fountain of unsubstantiated yet spookily reliable insider knowledge.

Over at the live filming in London, a suitably inebriated Rose dropped a couple of short-yet-sweet golden nuggets in the form of Apple-related rumors.

Rumor Number One: The new notebooks will feature Blu-Ray Drives

Rumor Number Two: Apple have updated the solid-state drives to be much more reliable (we’re assuming this relates specifically to the Macbook Air)

Rose did caveat these rumors in stating that they were from, “a bad source,” whereas his Nano rumors were from a separate, more reliable source.  With the Apple Notebook event due in but a few days — Tuesday, October 14 — we’ll know soon enough if Rose’s rumors come good.

Surprises on July 11th

With the launch of the iPhone 3G, the App store, and hopefully MobileMe, coming this Friday, many people are getting excited. We would be remiss if we didn’t at least speculate about the surprises that might come when you open that 3G iPhone box.

One of the biggest surprises could come to developers who are not invited to have their apps debut on the app store. Forbes claims that only 16% of the 25,000 submissions have been accepted, and even those who have are still nervous about making Apple mad and getting the boot. They are not really allowed to advertise their applications yet, and must wait until the app store is launched before they can say anything. It would be devastating to have your submission denied with no reason given. Apple made it clear from the beginning that “inappropriate” apps would not be sold in the iPhone’s App Store. Four thousand programs is still a lot to have for the launch of a new product. It is phenomenal that Apple has had such a huge response from developers.

A good surprise would be to find that the iPhone 3G does in fact have haptic technology as has been rumored. Other touchscreen phones already have this technological gem, like the LG Vu. Over at Google code, the University of Glasgow Computing Science Department is working on a haptic interface for the iPhone. Apple has destroyed the homebrew crew before by integrating many features into its products that were the babies of indie developers.

Some sites have rumored a $100 price drop on the iPod Touch. I doubt this will happen, since the iPhone’s huge price drop can be attributed to the normal subsidizing of cell phones. iPod Touch will likely stay at the same price point for a while.

What is more appealing and even likely is that Apple might decide to squeeze the GPS chip into the iPod Touch, and deliver a turn-by-turn navigation system to accompany it. That would put them decidedly down a new market, which would be nice for us consumers. The Touch has a nicer screen and better functionality than any GPS unit I have ever seen, even the super expensive brands. I understand the need for location-based or location-aware apps on the iPhone, especially with regard to search, but turn-by-turn navigation is the most useful application for GPS hardware.

The surprise I most want to see is the GPS iPod Touch, and the one I most don’t want to see is a stingy Apple keeping a lot of devs out of the app store.

What are you hoping for?

Late rumor shows new developer Mac; is this for real?

Ah, there’s nothing like the thrill of last-minute keynote rumor-mongering. This is one I don’t think anyone saw coming, which in my book lends it some credibility. TUAW has posted some images of a page purportedly from Apple’s web site advertising Mac Fusion, a new Mac specifically for developers with the tagline, “Leave your apps behind. Build your apps for OS X.” The photos look legit insofar as it looks exactly like Apple’s marketing. That said, I’m simultaneously skeptical and intrigued by this new rumor.

Why skeptical? For starters, why would Apple release a Mac specifically for developers? Running WIndows and Linux via Boot Camp? Can’t you do that with any other Mac? How would this Mac be any different than a Mac mini with the developer tools installed? Second, what is it with people taking photos of the screen instead of screenshots? Is it to lend credibility to it? “I took a photo therefore it has to be real”? Never mind the fact that photos can be doctored, often with convincing results if the right person is at it. Lastly, how would Apple get away with the name “Mac Fusion” without upsetting VMWare, makers of the popular Fusion?

On the other hand, I am intrigued, despite my skepticism. I mean, this comes out of nowhere. Usually we see fakes of stuff we expect to see, not something totally out of nowhere. The marketing is spot-on Apple, as I mentioned before, in terms of the slogan and page layout. Also, the page mentions “OS X,” not “Mac OS X,” which is consistent with Apple’s apparent shift in OS X branding. And perhaps there are other special features with developers in mind; there’s not a whole lot to go off on with these photos.

Looks interesting, maybe. So to sum it up, this is could be real but is likely a well-done hoax. Only a few hours left until we know for sure.

Back-to-School Specials and AppleCare

Image via AppleInsider

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple’s yearly back-to-school buy a Mac and get an iPod special may be starting early this year, and may be extra special. Speculation puts the price point at about a $199 mail-in rebate. It would be nice if the rebate were enough for an iPod Touch or even an AppleTV. Of course, you do have to buy an iPod and that adds to the total cost with the hope of “free money” later.

The idea of adding cost to an already expensive product begs the question about adding AppleCare to your computer/iPod purchases. After hearing some horror stories about AppleCare, I am seriously debating getting it when I purchase my iMac later this year. Though, I know there is some good anecdotal evidence as well. What are your experiences? Feel free to link to blogs with testimonials.

10 Million iPhones in 2008: How?

Granted, the iPhone gets a lot of news any day of the week, but today the New York Times, Ars Technica, and Information Week are all raining on Apple’s parade, claiming that Jobs’ prediction of 10 million iPhones in 2008 was way beyond the mark. Macworld steps in with an article showing how it is nearly impossible that Apple won’t sell 10 Million iPhones.

What does Apple need to do to meet that lofty goal. Here are three things that will almost ensure 10 million units:

  • Release it, STAT! – All the empty stock is only hurting their chances of selling more phones.
  • Reduce the price – $400 or $500 is too much. Many people can’t see themselves spending that much when it is entirely possible to get a phone for much less. Shoot for the subsidized price of $149 and $249. It would be hard to pass up if it is less than $250.
  • Open the App store at WWDC – After building up our hopes earlier this year, don’t dash them again. Make the iPhone a need, and not just a want.

3G and GPS are great features that would certainly make the phone better, but they will not carry the phone to 10 million units sold in this year. What else will be a deal-maker for you?

9to5Mac Claims Next Gen Nano Leak

A new entrant to the Mac rumors scene, 9to5mac.com, claims to have received insider tips on the next generation of iPod Nano portable music devices from Apple – first issuing a post on Saturday with five new colors, including new cranberry and light green shades, and now, purporting to have the all too familiar “spy shots”, a typically blurry photo showing the pre-release products themselves.

In today’s story, Nano Spy Pics, the site shows five “new” iPod Nanos in a flower configuration, with wide screen displays and a short profile. (See Image)

As far as “spy shots” are concerned, it’s on par with those that leaked Apple’s G4 Cube several years ago, but not high quality. In fact, by manipulating the image URL, 9to5Mac.com is also hosting a larger version of that same image, which clearly shows it was once a .psd Photoshop file. (See Image With Photoshop Border) This throws significant cold water on the rumor for those all set to believe. While I’m no professional photographer, I’d assume going the .psd route in Photoshop would intimate multiple layers, and presumably cry out a fake.

Do you think the rumors and photos are legitimate? And if they are, would the new, shorter, wide-screen iPod Nano find its way into your pocket?

Next Gen iPod Interface Footage?

I doubt this is legitimate footage of the next interface we’ll see on forthcoming iPods, but in the interest of helping you waste a little time, you can see the video below. It definitely looks like Apple’s style, but the functionality of the interface itself seems a bit behind the curve. Perhaps part of me is just hopeful that we’ll see something similar to what I wrote about here in the next iteration of the mobile audio juggernaut.

Via Engadget

Is iLife 07 not going to happen for reals?

A year ago I wrote that Apple should wait on iLife ’07. Here we are, and I have to wonder did it work? I mean, Steve Jobs did comment on considering the wait!*

I thought I would take a minute to reevaluate this post, and reflect on the developments since then. It seems we are halfway through 2007 and there hasn’t been a peep about the next version. Oppenheimer said ‘Stay Tuned” which makes me think Apple TV is the key. Something tells me this next version is going to blow us away. Read More about Is iLife 07 not going to happen for reals?