How to spread an Apple rumor

A Swedish production company explains how it created an Apple rumor last week and watched it propagate on Apple blogs. As cynical as the exercise was, it demonstrates how fast a totally unsourced image from an internet forum can be repackaged and given credibility.

Is Yandex behind Facebook’s rumored deal?

A flurry of reports suggest Facebook is interested in buying Israeli image recognition startup But reports from Moscow suggest the rumor mill could be turning because Russian search engine Yandex wants to sell its stake in the firm to Mark Zuckerberg.

Rumor roundup: A thinner, shinier LTE iPhone?

We’re likely months removed from the introduction of the next-generation iPhone, yet predictably rumors about the device, its components, its appearance and when it will arrive are already flying fast and furious. Here’s our quick rundown of the scuttlebutt surrounding Apple’s highly anticipated next phone.

Samsung manager testifies to early iPad info leaks

At least one of the people behind those “industry sources” attributions in Apple rumor articles is very real. Former Samsung manager Suk-Joo Hwang testified before a federal court on Wednesday that he had disclosed information about iPad components before the product was announced.

Report: iPhone 5 getting metal back, screen staying small

The next iPhone won’t get a huge new display, according to a new report. Sources within Apple’s display panel supply stream claim that the iPhone 5’s screen will be between 3.5 and 3.7 inches. They also claim a metal back for Apple’s next smartphone.

2011: Year of Two iPad 2s?

Despite speculation from reputable sources, 2011 appears to indeed be the year of the iPad 2, not the iPad 2.5, and almost certainly not an iPad 3. But, as Apple has demonstrated in the past, just because something doesn’t add up doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

What to Expect From iPad 2

Apple is almost certainly taking the wrapper off its next-generation iPad on Wednesday, so now is a great time to take stock of all the rumors, analyst predictions, and other info we’ve been hearing about the upcoming device and see what exactly we can expect.

MacBook Pro Specs Leaked, Include New “Thunderbolt” Port

Just yesterday, we discussed what you might expect to see from Apple’s next generation of MacBook Pro portables. Now, a new round of rumors sheds a little more light on some potential specific hardware details, including the introduction of a new high-speed multipurpose port called “Thunderbolt.”