Google updates Glass hardware and software ahead of I/O

The day before Google’s(s goog) annual developer conference, Google Glass is getting a lot of improvements. First, although Glass receives subtle hardware tweaks from time to time, its Google Plus page has announced a bump to 2GB of RAM and a slightly bigger battery, among “several [other] hardware updates.” Second, there are 12 new Glassware apps available for download, including Shazam, Duolingo, and other big names. A complete list is here. There’s also a general software update that brings a viewfinder to the device’s camera function. Google’s I/O conference may be the largest collection of Glass Explorers ever assembled, but we’re not expecting a ton of Glass announcements. However, there are three Glass-centered sessions scheduled for Thursday.

Olympians weren’t the only athletes in Sochi

RunKeeper tracked what its users were up to in Sochi during the Olympics and found they ran the equivalent of about 78 marathons. It’s an interesting nugget, but part of a much larger picture about learning how, when and where people exercise.

Under Armour buys MapMyFitness in $150M deal

Under Armour has acquired MapMyFitness, an Austin, Texas-based company that uses a phone’s GPS to let people map their runs, bike rides and other workouts and share them among a community for $150 million. It’s akin to the RunKeeper app. Is this the beginning of consolidation in the quantified self arena? Will the market split along sporty and medical lines — leaving room for authentication, provable algorithms and other elements a diagnostic style app or activity tracker might need?

Updated to reflect that RunKeeper is not owned by Nike.

Runkeeper gets sleek with update to 3.0

Runkeeper is updating to 3.0 for iOS just in time for the New Year. The improvements include a cleaner UI, better photo sharing and tracking abilities and refactored code base that should enable faster and better improvements in the future.

Focused on healthy growth, RunKeeper sets its training plans free

Which is better for a mobile app: short term revenues or long term relationships with a growing user base? RunKeeper thinks the latter is better over time and it can monetize later. The exercise tracking app for smartphones dropped fees for its training plans.