Pebble smartwatch gets its first app partner: RunKeeper

The Pebble smartwatch, which has become the biggest Kickstarter project ever, is getting its first app partner and it’s a well known name among fitness fans: RunKeeper. RunKeeper users will be able to conduct their activity from the Pebble watch with their smartphone tucked away.

I bought a MotoActv for running (but wear it all day)

Tired of running with a smartphone, I dropped $199 for a MotoActv last week. Yet, I’ve unexpectedly found myself wearing it every minute of the day since I bought it. Why? It’s essentially equal parts FitBit health tracker, iPod Nano(s aapl) and exercise tracking app.

RunKeeper races ahead with 9 new app partners

RunKeeper announced nine new partner software titles on Monday, bringing the total number of compatible apps to 45. RunKeeper’s “secret sauce” is its HealthGraph effort, a method for health-tracking apps and devices to speak to each other in the same language.

RunKeeper takes next step toward total health tracking

RunKeeper is taking another step forward with its HealthGraph API initiative by updating its user reports feature. New, simpler Fitness Reports incorporate more health data. As the number of health-related gadgets and apps grows, RunKeeper’s HealthGraph API is becoming the glue to track such data.

RunKeeper raises $10M to become the Facebook of fitness

RunKeeper has raced past its original concept as a mobile app to track runs to become a health platform that ties together all manner of fitness data. Now, it’s raising $10 million to fuel its transformation to become a sort of Facebook for fitness.

RunKeeper’s smartphone app gets smarter with sensors

Smartphones are packing more sensors these days, and application developers continue to find new ways to gain additional value from the sensors. Popular exercise app RunKeeper is the latest. Its software for iPhone and Android handsets includes an auto-pause function and new heart rate zone targeting.

Jawbone goes the health monitor route with wrist sensor

Fresh off its $70 million funding round, Jawbone is now turning its eyes to the growing opportunity in wearable health monitors with a wrist sensor product. Called UP, it’s a wristband equipped with an application that combines tracking and analysis of movements, nutrition and sleep patterns.

Aided by Apple, Bluetooth ready for health monitoring

Apple is joining the board of the Bluetooth standards organization as the group focuses the latest iteration of Bluetooth on the market for fitness and health sensor data from mobile devices. But can Bluetooth beat out a variety of other standards hoping win in bioinformatics?

RunKeeper builds a fitness network with Health Graph API

RunKeeper is now poised to become a full-fledged fitness network with the release of a Health Graph API, which opens up the RunKeeper experience enabling a host of apps and devices to publish to RunKeeper’s FitnessFeed and contribute to its Health Graph.

Basis Building the Ultimate Watch Fitness Monitor

Devices like Fitbit and smartphone apps like Runkeeper have the ability to act as powerful health sensors. But one of the most promising ventures in this field is an upcoming product from Pulse Tracer called Basis, a watch monitor that packs in a bunch of sensors.