Rupert Murdoch on Myspace: We just messed it up

Myspace could have been what Facebook and YouTube are now if News Corp. hadn’t messed it up, according to Rupert Murdoch, who also believes that it will take a long time for HBO to succeed online.

Publishers to testify against Apple in price-fixing trial

Apple’s exposure in a closely-watched price-fixing case over ebooks looks more serious as the CEOs of major publishers — which have already settled with the government — will testify about Apple’s role in the case.

How the New York Times can fight BuzzFeed & reinvent its future

The NYT’s multimedia project Snow Fall was a huge success, attracting big audiences and lots of plaudits. But the paper can do even better — it can build a new business from this type of project, and change the definition of journalism in the new century.

Are times getting desperate for Lovefilm?

With Netflix on a roll, its big European rival — Amazon-owned Lovefilm — seems more and more desperate to staunch the flow of subscribers quitting the service and moving elsewhere.

Post bankruptcy, Tribune Co. plans to sell off newspapers and TV stations

The Tribune Co. officially emerged from bankruptcy Monday with a new board including former Yahoo exec Ross Levinsohn and former Disney exec Peter Murphy. The company plans to sell off its 23 television stations, eight daily newspapers and stakes in websites like