The GigaOM Interview: Russ Daniels, HP’s Cloud Guru

russdanielsThere’s a lot of marketing been done to promote the cloud, but few of the big computing companies have come out with clear strategies related to providing computing or other technology as a service that’s paid for on a per-instance basis. Sun Microsystems plans to launch a cloud later this summer and is working on standards for cloud computing, and IBM is putting out a lot of press releases, but HP has actually explained how it views the cloud, notably how it thinks the concept of on-demand computing will change corporate IT departments.
So I chatted with Russ Daniels, vice president and chief technology officer of HP’s Cloud Services Strategy division, to see where HP stood on openness in the cloud and how the rise of external clouds might affect the hardware business. Hewlett-Packard sells hardware to cloud providers, offers several services via the web (some would call them cloud services) and is working to help enterprises capture the value of virtualized and automated IT systems.  An edited version of my conversation with Daniels follows. Read More about The GigaOM Interview: Russ Daniels, HP’s Cloud Guru