Facebook filling the gaping hole in its mobile strategy

It looks like Facebook wants to address the big weaknesses in its mobile business model before it has to deal with nagging questions of its investors. According to FT, Facebook plans in March to include sponsored posts in its mobile news feeds.

Facebook just revealed its Kryptonite: mobile

In its IPO filing Facebook mentions the word “mobile” 123 times but didn’t use the term in positive ways. In fact, Facebook’s S-1 filing is one big warning to investors: Its growth is being driven by user behavior that it has so far failed to monetize.

Zynga S-1 highlights cloud as competitive advantage

When done right, cloud computing actually can be a source of significant competitive advantage. So says Zynga, at least, which highlighted its unique cloud infrastructure, as well as its advanced analytics efforts, as part of its core strengths in the S-1 statement it filed this morning.

CafePress files for IPO, looks to raise up to $80M

The summer of the tech S-1 continues: CafePress has filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $80 million in an IPO. The S-1 reveals the e-commerce company made $2.7 million in net income on $128 million in revenues in 2010.