Dish gets its 4G approval; Sprint gets its 4G auction

Dish finally has permission to become a full-fledged cellular network operator, though it remains to be seen whether it will actually become one. The FCC also set the wheels rolling for an auction next year of new 4G licenses that Sprint has been eyeing.

Dish will get its 4G network, but there’s a catch

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wants to grant Dish’s wish for an LTE network, but he’s attached a few caveats. He proposes that Dish rein its network, and the satellite provider is none too pleased.

Dish makes a mysterious investment. Could it be Clearwire?

A regulatory filing shows Dish invested in $396 million in an unnamed company. Analysts believe that company is Clearwire and that dish could be preparing to partner with the ailing WiMAX provider to build its new LTE network — that is if gets permission to build.

Dish: Sure, we’ll build LTE, just give us four years

Dish Network has taken possession of it’s 4G spectrum and it’s ready to deliver its competitive mobile broadband network – in 2016. In a filing with the FCC, Dish basically asked the FCC for the granddaddy of all extensions for turning in its LTE homework assignments.

FCC avoiding LightSquared mistakes with Dish

The Federal Communications Commission has denied Dish Network’s request to build a terrestrial LTE network over its satellite airwaves, but it didn’t kill the satellite broadcaster’s proposal outright. Instead, the commission is trying to head off controversy by kicking off a lengthy rule-making process.