FCC on Net Neutrality Could Impact Your NewTeeVee

FCC Chair Julius Genachowski delivered a speech this morning about the importance of net neutrality and an open internet. Stacey over at GigaOM has a great recap of the news, and you can read the full text of the speech here. As we are about to embark a whole new world of over-the-top video, anyone who cares about expanding their video choices via the Internet should pay attention to what the Genachowski wants to do.
There were three key takeaways from Genachowski’s speech: first, he expanded the number of FCC network neutrality principles to six from four, and second, he kicked off the process to turn these principles into actual rules, and third, he said he would make all of these principals effective for wireless and wired networks. Here are some key excerpts from his speech (emphasis ours):

The fifth principle is one of non-discrimination — stating that broadband providers cannot discriminate against particular Internet content or applications. This means they cannot block or degrade lawful traffic over their networks, or pick winners by favoring some content or applications over others in the connection to subscribers’ homes. Nor can they disfavor an Internet service just because it competes with a similar service offered by that broadband provider. The Internet must continue to allow users to decide what content and applications succeed.

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Vid-Biz: Verizon, Big Screens, Redbox

Verizon Added 300,000 New New FiOS TV Subs in Q2; telco now has 2.5 million subscribers to its TV service. (GigaOM) No wonder the company’s CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, said at an investor conference yesterday that “Video is going to be the core product in the fixed-line business.” (Bits Blog)
California to Ban Some Big Screens? State energy regulators look to require electronics retailers to sell only energy-saving TV models. (The LA Times)
DreamWorks CEO Likes Redbox; Jeffrey Katzenberg says the kiosk company boosts rental-to-purchase rates. (Media Decoder)
Ustream Comes to Android; it’s the second mobile live-streaming service for the platform, while the iPhone has none. (TechCrunch)
Designer and Prescription 3D Glasses on the Way; goodbye bulky, unattractive goggles, hello Gucci. (Variety)
Associated Press Signs Deal with Internet Broadcasting; content distribution pact will give AP members in Internet Broadcasting’s network access to enhanced text, photos and videos. (MediaWeek)

Comcast’s Wireless Plans Don’t Include TV on Phones

comcast “Comcast Plans to Bring TV Shows to Your Phone,” a Reuters story trumpeted yesterday, which had many of us here at GigaOM really excited — me especially, since this is exactly the sort of thing that I’ve said the cable guys should be doing if they want to launch wireless products. However, a quick look at the transcript of the executive comments that prompted the Reuters story shows that Comcast (s cscma) isn’t bringing TV to wireless phones anytime soon. Nor is voice of interest when it comes to the cable provider’s wireless efforts, as the Reuters story also stated. So far Comcast’s wireless plans are centered around delivering data, mostly to mobile computers.
According to a transcript of Comcast Chief Financial Officer Michael Angelakis speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communicopia conference, he said: Read More about Comcast’s Wireless Plans Don’t Include TV on Phones

Serena, Kanye and New Moon Let it All Out

It was an emotional weekend for viral video moments. At tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West bolted on-stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance of the VMA for Best Female Video to grab the microphone and proclaim that Beyonce “had one of the best videos of all time.” Beyonce seemed just as shocked as the rest of the audience at this obviously unscripted moment. (West wasted almost no time in issuing an apology the same night as the incident.)

Of course, MTV knows when it’s got viral video gold (Britney, anyone?). The Kanye clip has already been viewed more than 500,000 times on MTV.com alone.
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Clearwire Needs Money, So Hopes Cable Needs WiMAX

logo_notag1Clearwire (s clwr) has enough money to provide 4G wireless broadband service to 75 million people this year, and hopes to raise enough to boost that to 120 million by 2010. Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow tells The Seattle Times today that the $2.5 billion the company has allocated for expansion will only go so far, however, and after that it will need more cash. Given that Verizon (s vz) plans to cover 100 million people by the end of 2010 with a competing Long Term Evolution 4G network, a delay in fundraising may leave Clearwire in the dust with regard to some of its ambitious plans to provide wireless access for consumer devices — such as e-readers — that need a nationwide presence. Read More about Clearwire Needs Money, So Hopes Cable Needs WiMAX

The Future of WiMAX Is Bleak: Analyst

[qi:___wimax] The future of WiMAX is pretty bleak in developed countries and as a result, equipment makers aren’t likely to sustain their investments in the space, according to a note out today by research firm Analysys Mason. The note calls out Cisco (s CSCO) and Motorola (s MOT) specifically. Motorola said earlier this year that it would stop making new investments in WiMAX equipment (it told me a few months back that it still supported the equipment, but that the R&D phase of intense investment was now over). And although Cisco did land a big contract to provide gear for Clearwire, so far Huawei appears to be the biggest contender in the WiMAX equipment market.
But analyst Terry Norman writes that Huawei is also focusing on Long Term Evolution, the GSM version of a 4G wireless network, possibly because WiMAX is played out. He writes: Read More about The Future of WiMAX Is Bleak: Analyst

My Custom Gmail Setup — Making the Most of the Screen

I love Gmail. There, I’ve said it in the open. Gmail is the one app I have open all day, every single day. It’s like a convenience store in the big city — it never closes. Google (s goog) keeps tweaking Gmail to make it better at the things it does, and the Gmail Labs is always a good place to look for better ways to do things in the program. I have tweaked my Gmail setup to make it work best for me. Here’s my current layout for Gmail:
JK Gmail setup
The first thing you notice is the theme. Since I spend so much time on this screen I use a theme that is laid back, yet attractive.
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Virgin Mobile Boosts Profits With High-End Phones

imagesVirgin Mobile USA (s VM), which recently agreed to be acquired by Sprint (s S) for $483 million in stock, said today its sales for the second quarter were largely unchanged from the same period a year ago, at $290 million. However, its profits nearly quadrupled, to $21.8 million from $5.5 million in the second quarter of 2008. The company’s fortunes rose along with its hybrid cell phone plans, aka its monthly service plans, whose subscribers generate 15 times the value of pay-per-minute customers, according to Virgin CEO Dan Schulman. Read More about Virgin Mobile Boosts Profits With High-End Phones

Comcast Wireless Puts the Pressure on Carriers

[qi:___wimax] If recent comments from a Comcast executive are any indication, the push that cable companies are making into the wireless space could help spark a price war for mobile broadband. Comcast in July launched two new service bundles that provide wired and wireless broadband in Portland, Ore., and Atlanta at prices lower than comparable offers from carriers. Steve Burke, Comcast’s COO, noted on the cable company’s second-quarter earnings call yesterday that margins on combined wired and wireless broadband packages reach in excess of 40 percent once introductory prices are phased out, which means Comcast has plenty of room to respond if carriers try to lower their prices below those offered by the company. And that, in turn, means consumers may see lower mobile broadband rates in the coming years — at least in areas where WiMAX service is deployed. Read More about Comcast Wireless Puts the Pressure on Carriers

Q2 Wireless Scorecard: When Prepaid Attacks

[qi:083] The second-quarter results are in, and the big carriers continued to to rake in the bucks from data, with AT&T managing to win over the most new subscribers and the biggest spenders. Thanks, iPhone! But outside of the staid world of the larger carriers, as the economic downturn and cheap plans offering unlimited voice and data convinced folks to dump their contracts and check out life on the prepaid side, the competition among prepaid players continued to heat up. Even Sprint decided to toss its hat into the prepaid ring, agreeing to pay $483 million to buy Virgin Mobile, a predominantly prepaid carrier that uses the Sprint network. Read More about Q2 Wireless Scorecard: When Prepaid Attacks