A Rocket in Your Pocket?

pocket rocketMemina (a Samsung spin-off) is all set to release a new 2GB POCKET ROCKET — a top-of-the-line USB Flash drive with up to 18 MB/s transfer rate, a “no-lose” swivel cap. That’s about twice as fast as a CD player, and can store one hour of uncompressed digital video. Or 500 songs, or in my case the Pink Floyd collection. Memina will launch a 4GB ROCKET drive in July which will transfer data at 30 MB/s transfer rate!

Forget Folders, Think Smart Folders

Lee Gomes, in his column today in the Wall Street Journal says that the death of the folders is highly exaggerated. Google wants to do away with the whole concept of folders, and subfolders (Gmail for example!). Others believe that the rise of TAGS could be the death knell for folders, since the difference between our desktops and online presence is not very different. Gomes thinks folders are the way to go when looking for information. I agree. Except, I think folders (as we know them) are dead, long live the Smart Folders. If you have been using Apple Mail in Tiger, you know what I am talking about – smart folders that can be created on the fly, and what Apple calls “organically organized.” Do a spotlight search and create a folder that groups all the files that match your search command.

Smart Folders contain files grouped together based on search criteria instead of physical location, so the same file can appear in multiple Smart Folders without moving from its original saved location on your system. No need to duplicate, shift or update files: Spotlight Smart Folders keep everything organized for you.

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