Induce me not

What makes the Hotfile decision notable is not simply that it marks the first time the studios have been able to take down a cyberlocker site but because it was done via summary judgment on an inducement standard.

Pinterest locked in stalemate with image owners

Image-sharing site Pinterest has been in negotiations for months with photo service Getty. A breakthrough could dispel some of the copyright questions hanging over the red-hot start-up — but one expert says not to hold your breath.

No third act likely in Viacom vs. YouTube drama

The court poked enough holes in YouTube’s defense that it now has every incentive to try to settle with Viacom as quickly as possible and get on about its business. But on the one issue of law that might have made a difference to Viacom’s business at this point, the court ruled in favor of YouTube, so it’s unclear what Viacom would gain from carrying on.