13 battery startups to watch in 2013

Here’s 13 rare battery startups working on next-generation manufacturing, chemistry and printing technologies. These battery companies could create innovation that could revolutionize electric cars, the power grid and how we charge up our gadgets and cell phones.

A battery breakthrough that focuses on the building blocks

If battery makers could enhance just the basic electrolyte — the guts of the battery — it could provide a major breakthrough for batteries. That’s what a year-and-a-half-old startup called Boulder Ionics is trying to do.

25 battery breakthroughs for gadgets, electric cars & the grid

A lack of progress for battery technology is (arguably) the single biggest barrier for gadgets, electric vehicles, and the power grid. But there’s hundreds of researchers, entrepreneurs, universities and large companies working on battery breakthroughs. Here’s 25 you should know about:

Battery startup Seeo sets up pilot production

Seeo raised $15 million earlier this year, and we know how it’s spending some of that money. The startup has moved into a new home and installed a pilot production line that produces 4 megawatt hours of cells per year.

Sakti3 Scores $4.2M From GM Ventures, Itochu

Lithium-ion battery developer Sakti3 and General Motors announced the latest step in their ongoing dance today, and it’s a big one for the 3-year-old startup: GM plans to invest $3.2 million in Sakti3 through its new venture capital arm, GM Ventures.