And the CEO of the 21st century is . . .

We are barely into the second decade of this century and already one Harvard Business School academic (who is a former CEO himself) is naming his candidate for CEO of the 21st century. His choice may or may not surprise you. Check it out.

5 New Year’s perils and perks for IBM’s new CEO

On New Year’s Day, Ginny Rometty took the reins at IBM. Big Blue is on a roll: its stock outperformed Google and Apple this year, and Warren Buffett is a fan. But the IT giant faces perils as well as opportunities going into 2012.

IBM CEOs through the ages

Virginia “Ginni” Rometty is just the ninth CEO in IBM’s 100-year history The announcement earlier this week that she would succeed Sam Palmisano was not surprising or controversial, even though Rometti is IBM’s first female CEO, and now arguably the most powerful women in business.

Rometty to hold IBM to cloud-and-services course

Virginia Rometty may be the new face of IBM when she takes the helm as CEO in January, but she is expected to keep pushing her predecessor’s vision of cloud-computing related services — hard. It is these services, increasingly, that drive IBM’s global business.

IBM names Virginia Rometty new CEO

IBM today named Virginia Rometty as the first female CEO in its 100-year history. Rometty, credited for building IBM’s strong and profitable services business, will take the reins from Sam Palmisano on January 1 as CEO and president.