Apple in India: a lost opportunity?

Apple is enamored with China — and rightfully so. However, in not paying attention to India, it has allowed world’s second-largest mobile market to become a mostly Android phenomenon, leaving upper end of the market to Samsung. Wrong strategy, if you ask me.

Galaxy Exhilarate aims for green techies on AT&T’s LTE network

AT&T introduced its latest LTE phone on Tuesday, but the biggest feature isn’t the wireless network, touchscreen or processor. The $49 Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate is a UL Platinum certified handset as a sustainable product with 80 percent recycled products making up the phone’s casing.

All-you-can-read tablet mags…unless you have iPad or Kindle Fire

Magazine joint venture Next Issue Media goes live with its long-delayed digital newsstand. Users will be able to read popular magazines for a flat fee — if they have a tablet running Android 3.0 or later. For now, iPad and Kindle Fire users need not apply.

Hey Samsung: Aren’t there enough stars in the Galaxy?

Samsung expanded its smartphone lineup on Monday, announcing the Galaxy S Advance for various markets around the world. But there’s little here to “advance” the Galaxy S design; it’s as if Samsung is now making Android handsets with spare parts left over from other models.