Fox Interactive keeps on buying

A few days ago I had breakfast with Peter Levinsohn, President of Fox Interactive Media, days after Rupert Murdoch made a $5 billion bid for Dow Jones. We chatted about a variety of topics, but most of them were off the record. One bit I got on the record was about MySpace/FIM’s acquisition strategy.

Levinsohn, who has spent nearly 20 years at various News Corp. business groups, said that the company wasn’t backing off from making acquisitions, but was looking to make small acquisitions – ones that filled out holes and helped with monetization better. (Of course this was before the $250 million rumored-but-not-confirmed-by-FIM deal to buy Photobucket.)

Looks like he was serious. FIM is rumored to have acquired Flektor, a slide show widget creator. TechCrunch reports that the price is in the $10-to-$20 million range. Fox Interactive spokeswoman declined to comment on the deal.

The deal is seen as an additive to the company’s rumored PhotoBucket purchase, which is yet to close according to our sources. While the Photobucket deal is about reuniting users with their data (after all the two most popular actions on myspace are photo-viewing and message writing), the Flektor deal is about helping those users better utilize their own data.

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Oscar Academy: Go back to school

If you sat through the too-long, too-boring narcissist display of Hollywood’s utter lack of creative imagination this past Sunday, aka the Oscars 2007, you know there is no way you want to watch the self congratulatory drivel ever again.

All you want to do is watch the good bits – like Ellen’s monologue, Beyonce’s rump shaking moves and just maybe Martin Scorcese’s heartfelt words of thanks. And a lot of people did – on YouTube. (Maybe because those clips were not available on and

Instead of being glad that people (the same people who pay for their over the top lifestyles by watching movies) wanted to see some of the clips, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences today asked YouTube to remove the clips.

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Nero ShowTime Mobile announced at CeBIT

Nsm_1Nero announced the availability of their new mobile device media player, Nero ShowTime Mobile, and it looks to be a promising cross-platform player.  NSM will be available for the Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Symbian platforms.  The coolest innovation in the player is the support for uPnP which makes streaming media with other devices very easy.  Nero ShowTime Mobile is available now as a free download when you register your full version of Nero 6.

Saving TiVo Take Three

More suggestions coming form the blogsphere on how to save TiVo. Mr. Blog hisself, Jeff Jarvis suggests more things TiVo could do. He sums it up best, when he says, TiVo should become the anti-cable.

Let us download, store, organize, and serve media from both cable and — this is the important part — the internet. Let us use it for BitTorrents, podcasts, recorded satellite radio shows, recorded broadcast radio shows, MovieLink et al movies, Audible stuff, MP3s, my pictures: anything. Make it a place for my stuff.

Fred Wilson thinks TiVo should

Get into the content aggregation business ala Akimbo and others to provide programming on this device.

I identified Matt as the writer of PVRBlog response. Actually It was George Hotelling who wrote this post. My apologies to George and readers for tardiness. I am going to try and sum it all up when all responses to the piece come in, and write an aggregate post. PS: Is blogsphere, the open source McKinsey?

Wacom digitizer for Smartphones

Wacom has become the de facto standard for digitizing tablets for graphic artists and supplies the active screen technology for most Tablet PCs. Wacom is now bringing the active pen technology to smartphones and PDAs, according to an announcement by the company.“With the W8002 single chip solution, Wacom’s inductive pen sensing technology will, for the first time, help developers overcome the limitations of increasingly complex mobile device user interfaces. Wacom’s cordless, battery-free pen with flight point feature (the ability to hover without touching the screen) and pressure sensing capability will accelerate the development and adoption of a range of new ‘killer’ mobile applications.”Wacom feels the small mobile screen is a natural extension for their Penabled™ inductive pen sensing solution which lets the user move the cursor by simply hovering over the screen. No word to when we might expect the first Wacom-enabled mobile device.