Intel’s dilemma: Whose problem do Ultrabooks solve?

At Intel’s CES press event, Ultrabooks were the focus, as were the six “experiences” these thin and light notebooks bring. But consumers are getting such experiences from smartphones and tablets, so who has a problem that could be solved by Ultrabooks? Intel itself comes to mind.

New MacBook Airs are coming. Here is why

New MacBook Airs could be right around the corner, according to stock shortages at retail partners like Best Buy and Amazon. OS X Lion is also arriving in July, which begins in only a few short days, and the Air could arrive at the same time.

Is this summer the real debutante ball for Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt has arrived, but it’s been on the market now since February, and we’ve yet to see it really do much in the way of changing how we use our Macs. Signs indicate that this summer could be the time we do see that happen.

Apple Is Instrumental to Intel’s Roadmap, Says Executive

Apple “helps shape” Intel’s road map, according to Intel SVP Tom Kilroy. Kilroy told Reuters that the iPad and Apple’s other successes play a big role in Intel’s future planning. There are also new signs the company might become a foundry partner for Apple.

Report: MacBook Air Update Coming in June or July

Apple is looking to start production of new MacBook Airs in late May, in preparation for a product launch in June or July, according to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes. The new Air would feature Intel Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports, according to reports.

Why an Updated iMac Is Worth the Wait

Rumors abound that Apple’s popular all-in-one desktop computer is set for an update in May, complete with Sandy Bridge processors from Intel and a new Thunderbolt port. It’s an upgrade that’s worth waiting for, maybe more so precisely because the iMac is a desktop.

MacBook Air Update Rumored, But Apple Could Skip Sandy Bridge

Less than six months ago, Apple launched a redesigned MacBook Air. It was almost a completely new machine, but only “almost” because the new MacBook Air still uses the “old” Core 2 Duo, same as the first. That could change soon.

Intel Moves DRM Into Chips for PC Streaming

Intel’s newest processors, which it is showing off at CES this week, will feature improved graphics capabilities and content protection built in. But will Intel’s latest attempt to make its processors sexier with the help of Hollywood blockbusters pay off better than its past efforts?