Can Ultraportables Grow Ultrafast?

Between the laptop and the mobile phone lies…something. Intel and Qualcomm may differ on what that something is, but both firms have determined to tap into growth — real or imagined — in the ultramobile PC space, following on the heels of device makers ranging from established players such as HP and BenQ to smaller ones like LimePC and ASUS Taiwan.

Along the way, the Intel Atom and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets will compete against processors from VIA Technologies and Freescale Semiconductor, both of whom make chips for ultramobile PCs already. So far, the winner looks like it will be anyone who wants a computer with a screen width ranging between four and nine inches, as new devices will flood the market. But beyond education, how large will that market be?

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The GigaOM Interview: Qualcomm COO Dr. Sanjay Jha

Qualcomm has profited handsomely from the spread of CDMA and more recently from 3G wireless technologies. But as a new wireless broadband era dawns, San Diego company faces some challenges. For COO Dr. Sanjay Jha, the big opportunity is cloud clients or mobile devices that live and feed off wireless broadband connections. Read the interview for more details.