Google begins its satellite push, buying Skybox for $500M

Google kicked off what could be a big satellite technology investment spree with a $500 million bid for startup Skybox Imaging. Skybox takes hi-rez images of the Earth’s surface, but Google has broadband plans for the company.

Clearwire board backs Dish’s bid; tells Sprint to shove off

Clearwire resisted Dish’s advances for five months, but it has finally given in. Clearwire’s board recommended today that shareholders give Sprint the old heave-ho and back Dish’s offer to assume a major stake in the WiMAX operator.

Dish gets its 4G approval; Sprint gets its 4G auction

Dish finally has permission to become a full-fledged cellular network operator, though it remains to be seen whether it will actually become one. The FCC also set the wheels rolling for an auction next year of new 4G licenses that Sprint has been eyeing.

Google-Dish: Perfect match or disaster in the making?

According to the WSJ, Dish Network and Google have been in talks about launching an LTE network. Google would bring cash, while Dish would bring spectrum, but neither company has the infrastructure or expertise to run a mobile carrier. Maybe that’s why Google is interested.

AT&T shoots for 2015 launch of new LTE network

AT&T aims in three years to have a new LTE network up in the airwaves the FCC just approved for 4G use. In the rather plodding world of telecom, three years is a quick timeline. But AT&T has political and strategic reasons for moving soon.

FCC outlines $15B spectrum flip from TV broadcast to mobile

The FCC wants to kick off an incentive auction in 2014 that would buy back TV airwaves from the broadcasters and sell them to mobile operators at a premium. The plan isn’t without critics, but in general it was lauded by both consumer groups and carriers.