Dish makes a mysterious investment. Could it be Clearwire?

A regulatory filing shows Dish invested in $396 million in an unnamed company. Analysts believe that company is Clearwire and that dish could be preparing to partner with the ailing WiMAX provider to build its new LTE network — that is if gets permission to build.

Dish: Sure, we’ll build LTE, just give us four years

Dish Network has taken possession of it’s 4G spectrum and it’s ready to deliver its competitive mobile broadband network – in 2016. In a filing with the FCC, Dish basically asked the FCC for the granddaddy of all extensions for turning in its LTE homework assignments.

It’s official: LightSquared goes bankrupt. What’s next?

Hours away from defaulting on debt, LightSquared filed for bankruptcy protection. The company has said it would use the shelter of Chapter 11 to buy time in its fight to build its nationwide LTE network, but this could just be a prelude to a liquidation of assets.

LightSquared to FCC: You owe us spectrum

If the FCC won’t let LightSquared launch LTE in its satellite spectrum, then the carrier wants the commission to find its network an alternate home on the airwaves. LightSquared still claims its 4G network will leave GPS unharmed, but it’s willing to consider a spectrum swap.

FCC avoiding LightSquared mistakes with Dish

The Federal Communications Commission has denied Dish Network’s request to build a terrestrial LTE network over its satellite airwaves, but it didn’t kill the satellite broadcaster’s proposal outright. Instead, the commission is trying to head off controversy by kicking off a lengthy rule-making process.

In a suspect move, LightSquared calls for GPS design standards

LightSquared has asked the FCC n to impose future standards on GPS device design, claiming such requirements would allow GPS and its LTE network to co-exist peacefully. While LightSquared would appear to be taking the middle path, the proposal smacks of a political stunt.

AT&T & Dish fight over spectrum, but will either build a network?

Report after report points to AT&T marrying Dish Network after Ma Bell’s forced break up with T-Mobile, but given the companies’ increasing belligerence, you wouldn’t think that was the case. What we’re witnessing here is some very cynical pre-nuptial gamesmanship.

Can Carl Icahn pick up the pieces of LightSquared?

Carl Icahn has been quietly buying up LightSquared’s debt a rock bottom prices, which would put the activist investor in position to take over the company in the increasingly likely event of bankruptcy. But would there be anything left of LightSquared to salvage?

Without FCC approval, bankruptcy looms for LightSquared

LightSquared isn’t just fighting the government and the GPS industry for the right to build its nationwide LTE network; it’s also fighting the clock. In a financial statement released to Reuters, LightSquared revealed it may run out of cash early next year.