Vox Media, parent company of The Verge and SB Nation, raises $34M

Vox Media, which owns tech site The Verge, sports community site SB Nation and gaming site Polygon, has raised another $34 million, according to an SEC filing noted by AllThingsD. The round, led by Accel, brings Vox Media’s total funding to over $70 million. The three sites get a combined 60 million visitors a month, according to Quantcast, and CEO Jim Bankoff tells AllThingsD that the company is on track to be profitable this year.

New social sports site For The Win aims for non-fans too

For The Win wants to take a BuzzFeed-style viral media approach to sports media. The new site, which will compete with rivals like Deadspin, will focus on finding “shareable” content that will be appealing even to people who don’t follow sports.

Engadget Defection Exposes AOL’s Major Weakness

The mass defection of the Engadget staff to a site run by SB Nation does two things — reinforces how SB Nation could become a major player in the media space, and shines a spotlight on one of the major weaknesses in AOL’s growth plans.

Old Media Is Being Unbundled, Just Like Telecom Was

The unbundling of telecom resulted in free-ing of last mile, which in tandem with rise of Internet resulted in destruction of the voice-minute economy. The Media landscape is going through similar unbundling, thanks to the Internet, which takes away controls over distribution networks.

What Hyper-Local News Sites Can Learn From SB Nation

SB Nation, which runs a network of almost 300 team-focused and regional sports blogs, has closed a new $10.5-million round of financing from Khosla Ventures and several other venture funds, and the company’s rapid growth contains some valuable lessons for other web-based media efforts.