Don’t Fall for Cord Cutting Scams

Here’s another sign that cord cutting is going mainstream: Scammer have found a new source of revenue in people’s quest to rid themselves of their cable bill, and they’ve set up dozens of web sites selling software with links to otherwise freely available video content.

House Committee: ISPs Must Block Scam Sites

[qi:066] Internet service providers may become legally responsible for scam web sites and spam that passes over their lines if a new piece of legislation, the Investor Protection Act, gets turned into law. The act, which passed through the House Financial Services Committee today, requires ISPs to filter fraudulent sites and emails that falsely claim to be from certain brokerage firms affiliated with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) if the ISP is “aware of facts or circumstances from which it is apparent that the material contains a misrepresentation.” If the communications are not blocked, ISPs could be liable for damages. Read More about House Committee: ISPs Must Block Scam Sites