Trustpilot takes €10 million to help consumers rate etailers

The Danish firm has been building a platform for consumers to review independent online retailers. Now it wants to break America. But does Trustpilot need to work hard on improving its own visibility, or just syndicate its reviews to Google?

Nokia’s Lumia sales shrink; on to the next model again

Nokia sold a quarter fewer of its flagship smartphones last quarter, as retailers and carriers shied away from Lumia’s current generation, leaving Nokia with €120 million in spare parts. Shifting to new Lumias with the Windows Phone 8 software has hurt any momentum Nokia had.

Facebook has 220 billion of your photos to put on ice

Facebook users love sharing photos, and the demands of that appetite are gargantuan. Infrastructure engineering VP Jay Parikh lifted the lid on Facebook’s seven-petabytes-per-month photo upload task, during GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference.

Spotify for TV – could it finally be true?

A Danish report says Spotify may offer HBO TV shows in Scandinavia. We have seen that kind of speculation in the past. But there may be valid reasons why the music service could branch out.