App Review: Hysteria Project — iPhone Owner Stalked By Maniac

title=Hysteria Project

Chased through a trap-laden forest by an axe-wielding murderer, Hysteria Project is a step in a much darker direction for the iPhone.

Reviewing Asteroids-esque shooter The Void last week, I mentioned that some iPhone (s aapl) games are ditching the cute and getting darker. With their first release, the BulkyPix team have taken the anti-cute movement further: chopping up any semblance of cuteness with a rusty axe, putting the bits into garbage bags and burying the bags in a creepy forest.
Hysteria Project is a choose-your-own-adventure for the iPhone. Blending atmospheric film sequences with quick-fire decision-making to create an intense horror experience. Read More about App Review: Hysteria Project — iPhone Owner Stalked By Maniac

8 Horrid Halloween iPhone Apps

It’s Friday the 31st of October and that means only one chilling thing… it’s time for our first annual Halloween App Store Roundup. On this frightful Friday, we went bobbing for a selection of the most spooktacular Apps created just for Halloween.

This Halloween we’re looking at Psi, Scare Tracks, MonstAr Maker, Halloween WordSearch, Trick or Treat, Ghost Pop, Jack O’Lantern and Free Hangman.
Psi ($0.99) – Remember that scene right at the start of Ghostbusters, the one where Venkman is testing a guy and a girl for ESP abilities? Well prepare to live like you’re in the movies as this app lets you conduct your very own ESP experiments to test your pals for latent psychic potential. Unfortunately you can’t electric shock your test subjects, as in the classic movie.
Scare Tracks ($0.99) – No Halloween is complete without a suitably spooky soundtrack, music that will chill even the most fearless trick or treaters to the very bone. Whilst you may have a few horrific albums in your music collection — we’re looking at all the people who bought Britney’s latest album here — Scare Tracks hosts a truly horrible selection of cinematic-style audio treats.
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