3 tips for getting more done in fewer hours

With the ability to work whenever we wish, web workers face ever-increasing work hours. There’s always “just one email” after dinner or the pull of our smartphone before our morning workout. But one blogger is arguing that longer hours actually usually mean less productivity.

10 Ways to Find More Time in Your Schedule

How much more you could get done if you had just an extra hour a day? While I can’t magically transport you to Bajor, where they have 26 hour days, I can share a few tips that will help you to take control of your schedule.

Scheduling App TimeDriver Rebranded as TimeTrade Professional

Faced with the multitude of scheduling apps that are available — including Tungle.me, ScheduleOnce, TimeBridge, Doodle, among many others — TimeTrade has been updating its product range in order to stay competitive. Recently the company announced several major changes to its TimeDriver product, including a rebranding.

The Importance of Buffers

Last Friday I was scrambling. The first episode of my new radio show was due by 4 PM, I had company coming to my house for the weekend who were scheduled to arrive by 4:30 PM, and I had three conference calls that day to boot.

How to Avoid the After-holiday Slump

When I was still a student, I found it hard to get back on track with school after the holiday break ended.¬† Fortunately, I could also make up for late homework. But as a working professional, I no longer have that luxury — any delay or mistakes in my work¬† caused by a a holiday hangover may end up being costly.

The good news is that with a simple strategy in place, it won’t take much effort to return to your normal productivity level. Here are a few tips: Read More about How to Avoid the After-holiday Slump

Long-term Projects: Moving Past the Distractions

7081077_0d8fe40c96When I sit down at my computer each morning, I always have plenty of emails asking me to work on short-term projects: a connection that has to be made today, a round of revisions that needs to be made immediately, a phone call that really ought to have happened last night, etc. Because of how immediate all of these requests are, it’s easy to get lost in them and let my long-term projects fall by the wayside. Read More about Long-term Projects: Moving Past the Distractions