Return of the Tote

The only good thing about using the mass transit, is that one gets to watch the masses, or the human species closely. Good place to pick up the vital market trends. San Francisco is a good test bed for what consumer technology could actually get better, New York for fashions etc. And one of the things I have noticed, apart from the ladies themselves, is that large totes are back in fashion. I guess, with all that stuff, lipsticks, half-eaten candy bars etc, they really have some serious space requirements. Infact Wall Street Journal devoted front page to the issue of women’s totes.

palm_jadyn_lgBut I am not interested in that. I wanted to know what phones/PDAs women are carrying. I was inspired by this after Esme sent me an email, which pretty much said, “I don’t think the bulkiness of the iPaq and the Treo is such an issue for women because we have handbags. However, I noticed last year when tiny handbags (a la Dior and Fendi) became all the rage, stuffing one of these devices into them became a challenge. The question was: which one do I leave at home, the lipstick or the PDA/phone? Fortunately the designers woke up and this year, large bags are in again.” So I kept looking. Some conclusions – the new tiny color Black Berry devices are quite in with the ladies these days, who ironically still carry some sort of a clamshell phone. It is quite often I see this. If not, then the PDA – mostly Palm PDA and Phone combo are in. Another observation, girls seem to prefer the Sprint phone service, and I cannot figure out why? Extra night and weekend minutes.

So what about men? We got pockets!