The quiet but massive market for energy IT

Beyond the clamor surrounding cleantech companies – solar, energy efficiency, biofuels – there are many attractive and growing, middle market energy technology companies quietly improving the operations and capabilities of utilities, oil and gas companies, and government agencies with software, and data and analytics.

The smart grid acquisition tally to date

For the occasion of Siemens’ swallowing eMeter, we have pulled together our recurring smart grid acquisitions list, including the new ones we have seen in recent months.

Schneider Electric to Buy Smart Grid Firm Telvent

Power gear giants continue their smart grid shopping spree. Schneider Electric is bidding to buy software maker Telvent for about $2 billion. The acquisition would give Schneider, which is a massive power equipment maker, more software and IT capabilities for the power grid.

How Federal Legislation Could Change Digital Energy Data

Will utility customers across the U.S. be legally entitled to their own energy usage data? We’ve already seen how California is planning to tackle that tricky subject, and a Senate bill announced last week would bring the same issues to a national stage.

LEED To Embrace Demand Response

Green buildings, meet demand response. The U.S. Green Building Council wants to find ways to count buildings’ ability to turn down power to help utilities shave peak demand in its LEED rating system.

Will Consumers or Utilities Control the Future Power Grid?

As energy management becomes decentralized, there’s a great opportunity for apps to help direct the flow. At Green:Net, three experts discussed how the responsibility for managing the smart grid will fall on the utilities, but the process will bring trading-floor approaches down to the consumer level.

Mixed Signals for Q1 Greentech Investment

Greentech investment trends in the first quarter of 2011 either signal a record-setting expansion for the industry in 2011, or retrenchment in the face of economic and political headwinds — depending on how you look at the numbers.

Schneider Eyes Tyco; Energy Management Tear to Continue?

Schneider’s energy-themed acquisition tear looks like it’s moving to a whole new level. On Monday morning, Bloomberg reported that French electric giant Schneider Electric is eying a take over of Tyco International in part to get ahold of Tyco’s building and industrial energy management systems.