Green Campaign Watch: Schwarzenegger Would Join Obama, Bush Pushes Offshore Oil & Obama’s Counterattack Ad

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has endorsed McCain for president, said this weekend that he would consider a position as Obama’s energy czar. While Obama has praised the governor for his climate change policies, it’s still a strange bit of news. Meanwhile the president made another push for his offshore agenda Friday, urging Congress to lift the ban on offshore drilling to alleviate high gas costs. Also Obama released new campaign ad attacking this idea last week, saying that such drilling schemes “won’t produce a drop of oil for seven years.”

Schwarzenegger Would Work Either Side of Aisle on Energy: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would consider a position in Obama’s administration working on energy and environment. “I don’t see this as a political thing. I see this as we always have to help, no matter what the administration is,” Schwarzenegger said on “This Week.” He also blasted any last-minute attempts the Bush Administration might make on climate change. “If they would have done something this year, I would have thought it was bogus anyway,” he said.

President Bush Still Pushing for Offshore Drilling: President Bush once again called on Congress to lift the federal moratorium on offshore drilling, this time urging action before the August recess. Critics, however, say that bringing new domestic oil production online would not alleviate the short-term price crunch at the pump as it would take 5-10 years to get the fuel to market. The issue continues to divide Obama and McCain.

Obama Campaign Fights Back: In response to the energy-themed attack ad the Republican National Committee launched last week, the Obama Campaign has launched a counterattack ad across the Midwestern “battleground” states. As oil prices climb ahead of the candidates’ first debate, expect energy to grow as a campaign issue.

Open Thread: iPhone 3G?

ScreenshotIt’s clear that Apple told the major media today was the day that it was OK to talk about the iPhone 3G: Walt Mossberg, Edward Baig, and David Pogue are all out with major hands-on reviews. The general consensus seems to be that it’s a nice piece of equipment, and an improvement over the original, but still with some compromises – and hardly a “must have” bit of hardware.

To be honest, we haven’t seen a groundswell of iPhone interest from you readers either, even though mobile technology is one of the key interests of web workers. Is it the cost (check out BillShrink for a plan comparison)? The design compromises? The fact that you’re perfectly satisfied with your existing communications devices? Or are you really interested, and we’ve just not been listening hard enough?

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Tesla to Build the “Model S” Electric Sedan Back in California

It’s official: Tesla Motors has named its electric sedan (codename WhiteStar) the “Model S” and the company says it has decided to bring the manufacturing of its vehicle back to California. We just got out of a press conference at Tesla Motors headquarters in San Carlos, Calif, where California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Treasurer Bill Lockyer, Tesla Chairman Elon Musk and Tesla CEO Ze’ev Drori made the announcement and did a photo opp tour of the Tesla factory for a room full of media. (See our photos below).

So that nixes Tesla’s former plans to build its sedan in a factory in New Mexico — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson must be having a bad day. Gov. Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, was straight-up gleeful over the steal, and said that when Tesla had previously decided to manufacture in New Mexico it “drove me absolutely insane. My administration does not like to lose.” And of course he had to slip those Schwarzenegger lines in there, saying he’s happy that Tesla “will be back to California.”
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Tesla, Schwarzenegger to Make WhiteStar Manufacturing Announcement

Update: Tesla has decided to manufacture its electric sedan, newly named “Model S,” in California. We attended the press event and got the details from Governor Schwarzenegger, Treasure Bill Lockyer, and Tesla execs Ze’ev Drori and Elon Musk. Read all about it here.

Tesla just sent out a media alert that says the company will be making a big announcement on Monday afternoon concerning “a significant development in Tesla’s manufacturing strategy” for the electric vehicle startup’s next car, a sedan code-named WhiteStar. Tesla plans to hold a press conference at the company’s headquarters in San Carlos, Calif., and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and California Treasurer Bill Lockyer will attend and discuss “clean technology investment in California.”

While Tesla won’t comment further on what the announcement is until Monday afternoon, we’re guessing that Tesla will partly manufacture its WhiteStar sedan in California. If so, would this be in addition to the plant planned for New Mexico, or would it replace that plant? In February 2007 Tesla said that it would build a $35 million assembly plant in Albuquerque to produce the WhiteStar. Construction on that New Mexico plant was supposed to start in April 2007 and deliver 400 jobs to the area.

The fight between states to bring green jobs to cities has become fierce. The announcement about the New Mexico plant last year noted that the company chose the state because of incentives like the “high wage job tax credit, the manufacturer’s investment tax credit and assistance from the Job Training Incentive Program.” That release also pointed out that “several states, including Arizona and California, were in talks with Tesla Motors over locating the “WhiteStar” assembly plant.” We’ll be covering the news on Monday and will update you guys as soon as we know.

Green Campaign Watch: Obama Meets With Detroit & Schwarzenegger Blasts McCain

The campaign trail got heated over energy this week with Obama calling McCain’s plans for offshore drilling and a $300 million battery prize “gimmicks” while the McCain campaign tried to label Obama’s opposition to many energy proposals as a move by “Dr. No.” Since then, Obama has met with Detroit automakers and new critics have come out against McCain’s offshore oil proposal:

GM to Obama: ‘We Need Money’: In a panel discussion on the economy in Pittsburgh, Obama asked GM Chairman Rick Wagoner what he could do as president to best help Detroit “pivot” as quickly as possible and start making greener cars. Wagoner listed three things: research assistance for new technologies, incentives and rebates for consumers, and help converting manufacturing plants. So, really, he said Detroit needs one thing: money, money and money.

Schwarzenegger Criticizes McCain on Offshore Drilling: Speaking yesterday in Miami, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked McCain’s claim that offshore drilling would lower gas prices. “Anyone who tells you this would bring down gas prices any time soon is blowing smoke,” the governor said. Schwarzenegger’s host, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, had modified his stance on the issue earlier in the week, saying he’d support offshore drilling if it was environmentally safe.

Obama Launches Energy Policy Website: To highlight the differences between Obama’s and McCain’s energy policies, the Obama campaign has launched a new web site with a side-by-side comparison of the two candidates’ energy plans. In case you were getting tired of clicking back and forth between our takes on Obama’s and McCain’s energy plans, this could be useful.

How to Travel Light With Web Working Gadgets

Many web workers are drawn to the nomadic lifestyle, but it’s not as tempting when you consider all the equipment you’ll be lugging around. From basic tools such as your laptop to optional gear such as a Wi-Fi signal amplifier, you’ll be carrying some things that the random backpacker won’t. So how do you travel as light as possible with all the extra load?

Do You Feel Like Being Regulated?

The Rasmussen Reports polling organization is out with the results of a new survey on Internet Harassment. They polled 1500 adults, which gives them a +/- 2.5% margin of error. Some of the answers are encouraging for those of us who consider the web an important part of our lives: 48% of the respondents say they use the internet every day, or nearly every day.

But there’s one answer that struck me as surprising and disturbing: when asked “Should the Federal Communication Commission regulate the internet like it does radio and television?,” 49% of the respondents said “yes.” 35% were against regulation, and 16% not sure. That adds up to a phenomenal number of my neighbors and yours coming down in favor of the government getting deeply involved with our means of work. Read More about Do You Feel Like Being Regulated?

Technorati Launches Ad Network

Blog search engine Technorati today launched Technorati Media, an advertising network that would hopefully bring back its old glory and make their service once again compelling for bloggers.

With most web workers maintaining their own blogs and monetizing through Google Adsense or other advertising networks, Technorati Media is another welcome addition to try. The network boasts of having deep agency and client relationships that it can deliver targeted campaigns from top brands at high CPMs.

Interested web workers may join the network here.

5 Ways to test if your ISP throttles P2P

Do your torrent downloads seem to be taking longer than usual? Are you trying to transfer, say, a home video to a friend via Pando and the upload keeps getting stuck? Or maybe you’re having problems with BitTorrent’s new streaming service, which just doesn’t seem to work on your system? There’s a good chance your ISP is at fault, as more and more providers are putting the brakes on BitTorrent these days. How can you find out? NewTeeVee recommends five ways you can find out if your ISP is doing the hanky-panky with P2P

CloudFire Makes P2P Media Sharing Easy

cloudfire2.jpgWiredReach, maker of peer-to-peer file-sharing application BoxCloud, has built a new service built around sharing media easily and quickly. CEO Ash Maurya says CloudFire is similar to services such as WeBot, but and doesn’t require a client on the end user’s computer. It does, however, require your host PC to be on.

CloudFire is integrated into iTunes, so anyone using iTunes for music and video and iPhoto for photos can easily share their files after downloading some software. Maurya classifies the service as peer-to-web, since the recipient of the files can view them through any browser, even on a mobile phone. Read More about CloudFire Makes P2P Media Sharing Easy